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A Taste of France

France is home to some of the most intriguing people on the planet. Always in perfect shape, French women have been true iconic characters when it com...


France is home to some of the most intriguing people on the planet. Always in perfect shape, French women have been true iconic characters when it comes to their physique. Few know that even though they are considered as being the healthiest country on the planet, a daily French meal consists of butter, cheeses, meat, chocolate and all kinds of fatty sauces. This unusual situation is also known as the “French paradox” and has fascinated food lovers all around the world for quite some time. Understanding the processes behind French cuisine and its incredible benefits will influence your life in ways you’ve never imagined.

A Glimpse of Greatness

The French way of cooking and their recipes are considered the most refined in all of Europe or even in the entire world. This stunning country is defined as a culinary paradise that transformed common meals into art pieces.

A common activity has been taken to a whole different level, becoming what some call a new religion that gathers dozens of followers every day. This century old almost cult-like inclination towards food has defined the true excellence and refinement characterizing the French spirit.

Using some of the most delicate wines in the world and no less than 360 different types of cheeses as signature notes in defining the French cuisine, this country is the true pinnacle of innovative cooking.

What Is “Haute Cuisine”?

The fame of this French life-style is carried on by what specialists call “haute cuisine”. For those of you not acquainted with this term, know that it stands for all superlatives that can be found within the actual cooking process. It defines the journey that combined local recipes with modern ingredients and transformed them into meals fit even for the most eccentric of critics.


The time and care invested into such masterpieces have earned French cooks the highest titles chefs can dream of.

Productive Variety

Broken down into smaller pieces, French cuisine is actually an abstract structure. Depending on what area you come in contact with, you will find unique cooking styles that use specific recipes and ingredients.

The North-Western region also known as Normandy is well known for using butter, apples and sour cream. Going south you will discover the true taste of foie gras and find out how mushrooms can be part of some amazing dishes

The Mediterranean areas have a strong Italian influence, always combining olive oil and tomatoes in the best way possible. Eastern France sends out a Germanic vibe, using sausage, sauerkraut and beer as primary ingredients when creating the most delicious meals.

What Are The French Best Known For?

Although apparently separated by tradition there are certain elements that define French cooking all across the globe.

Coquilles Saint-Jacques

Coquilles Saint-Jacques is the French name for scallops. Usually consumed raw and very fresh, these delicatessen are seasoned with lime juice or vinegar and served directly out of their shell.

Escargots or snails are highly appreciated all around France which is the largest consumer of such ingredients Cooked with a special sauce that includes butter, garlic and parsley, recipes based on this specific item are becoming more popular every day with food enthusiast all around the world.

Foie gras is actually a very smooth goose liver pate that has an incredible taste and texture. It is present in all the world’s greatest restaurants being considered one of the most delicate ingredients.

Quiche Lorraine is a specific French dish that combines the lightness of a tart with the strong taste of cheese and meat.

Ratatouiile an incredible recipe that screams “French cuisine” and it can be put together by using the freshest vegetables available.

Current French cooking styles are in strong contrast being set apart by aristocratic and Gallic influences, traditional and modern recipes and a battle between internal and external interventions when it comes to cuisine.

Opened To Exotic Influences

Although pretty much in love with their own way of cooking, French culinary enthusiasts have lately become more curious when it comes to foreign red pes and techniques.

By embracing such an open minded attitude towards gastronomy, Paris is now considered the food capital of the world. It is home to no less than ten thousand exotic restaurants, representing almost a quarter of such structures spread all across France. This wonderful nodiversity is reflected even in supermarkets and grocery stores that provide foods originating from Italy, Greece, India, Latin America or even Asia.


Innovative by nature, the French have acquired a strong interest for exotic cuisine. All great chefs have started using specially imported seasonings and are permanently improving their Techniques by traveling all over the world.

There is no doubt that France is the dream destination for all food aficionados. Transforming such a common activity into an art form says a lot about the level of devotement and skill that resides within the borders of this magnificent country.