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The Environment of South Africa and Canada

South Africa’s environment is very vast, but well protected. You can enjoy the lush greenery of the mountains, the breath taking sea life, and a...


South Africa Canada

South Africa’s environment is very vast, but well protected. You can enjoy the lush greenery of the mountains, the breath taking sea life, and animals on the reserves. Most land around the mountain is surrounded with tall yellow greenery. More than 200 mammals call South Africa their home. They are pleased to have food, shelter and water in their habitats. Volcanos ago filled the land with pondering lava. Soil indulged with this lava is a very good result to farming. South Africa is known for growth of sugar canes, wheat, corn and most vegetables. In the hot days and slightly cool nights South Africa’s climate ranges from a high of 51.7 degrees Celsius.

South Africa’s environment is beautiful but there are many problems with it too. Droughts on the coast cause major water damage. Lack of clean lake’s leave hundred’s striving for water. As there is more water in urban areas than rural areas people there must travel many km to collect water. Mainly water pollution is the only environmental concern.

To fix pollution problems the government banned marine dumping and tries to control the amount of ships going on water. As South Africa fixes there environmental issues, there is still a lot to be discovered.

Canada’s environment is nothing like South Africa’s environment but still has its own unique sides to beauty. Clean lakes and rivers are one of the biggest resources, so every home gets clean water for usage. Clean water in water dams travel through pipes and into houses. Lots of beautiful rocky and snowy mountains make great scenery out your window. The mountains also own a large amount of animals that move around depending on the season. Enormous dark forests surround these mountains and tall trees can grow for years in there making more shade for other plants. Warm winters and cool summers in Canada, the climate ranges from a low of 45.0 degrees Celsius. Some vegetables can grow in this weather which is mostly clouds and precipitation.

Sugar canes cannot grow in this kind of climate and so does most other fruit. The land is not flat so it is hard to walk long distances because of the hills that go up and down all the time. It is also dangerous for people who live close to snowy and rocky mountains. Even though is it is beautiful, avalanches can happen any time there is lots of snow on the top. Pollution is one of the main problems in Canada. There are more urban than rural areas so more and more people start to use cars to move around to places. Dumps on land are getting bigger so most garbage now is going into the ocean.

There are a lot of problems with the environment but Canada is trying all they can to fix them. If some fruit or veggies don’t grow locally, then they can import products from other countries like California that grows lots of different plantations. Most people now use different bins for different waste, so some things can be recycled, and some just have to go in the garbage. The government is trying to encourage people to walk more often, than to use cars most of the time, and I know some people who do that already.

With lots of precipitation, we have clean water to use, but that affects the climate and growth rate of fruits and veggies in our country, but we can get everything by importing food and other products with the help of other countries.